The ExperiencE

I am assuming if you are viewing our website, it's because you are in love, trying to find self love, or simply wanting to create more memories with your family; at any rate Hi Friend! We are so incredibly happy that you are here. With Southern Silos Photography, you didn't just find a photographer, you found a friend, a hype woman, and a person that will always be there when you just need someone. Our passion is capturing timeless moments, that you can look back and admire for years to come.

Capturing memories, for you and with you:

Southern Silos is dedicated to capturing the moments you never want to forget. However it is important to know that we are also dedicated to mental health advocacy. We give back as much as we can, and we work together to make the world better. And we think we can do that with photography. We know it is just one small feat, but we know that we can accomplish this by giving positive sessions, and making moments be worth remembering.

With us, you are going to leave feeling like the time flew by. We are so happy to work with you, we want to laugh with you, cry with you and experience with you. You are our most important factor.

Thank You,

Courtney and Summer

~SSP Photographers~

What is our shooting style?

We are natural light photographers. However, we do use OFC (off camera flash) when situations permit. When it comes to editing style, I lean towards whatever the style of the session calls for. There are a lot of things that go into deciding how to edit your photos, from the time of day, to the color you are wearing. We take those factors into consideration when planning your edits. When you sent your sneaks, please let us know if there is anything you want to change. I like to think that I truly get to know you somewhat by our initial session, and I pick up on your mood within minutes ( with what you are wearing).



Is a deposit due up front, or payment in full?

A deposit is due to hold your date for any service, be it, mini session, or wedding. The deposit is always 1/2 of what the overall is.

Do you allow payment plans?

Yes! Because I know what it's like to want something this important but you don't have all of the money up front. We will work out the parameters. But a deposit of some kind would still be due to hold your spot.

How many photos do you get back from a wedding?

That really depends on the coverage. For every hour, I normally have 60+ usable images. But I never promise a set number. You will get anything usable.

Traveling photographer?

Yes, yes I am! Having a co lead shooter (Summer) and associates allow me to travel for weddings, boudoirs, and many other things. I can assure you, I will be where I need to be for your wedding or event.