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Catching a glimpse of your soul in a photo is like catching lightning in a bottle

Let me know what budget you are working with, and we can see if we can customize a pkg for you if needed.

*For weddings, please include date, budget, and package you are interested in- or if you would like a custom package made for you*


This is my first photoshoot and I’m kind of nervous.

Your first shoot?? That is so exciting! And I am so happy to work with you! Don't be nervous, and if you are, guess what; I am too! I never get over the fear of meeting people for the first time. But, I swear to break the ice, and have some fun with you!

What should I wear?

Keep in mind the location and the vibe you are wanting. If we are outside, consider the weather, and time of day! If we are inside, consider the setting. I always can provide ideas that will suit you and your body types!

How many pictures will I receive?

I never promise a certain amount of photos. You will get any and all usable images. If you pay me for a mini but I get 1000 usable images, so do you!

Do You travel?

Of course I do! We can customize a package just for you! And let's go places, have car, train or plane, will travel ;)

Do you do couples photography?

All the time, and that includes boudoir. We can chat about this privately, however, the only thing that we can not do, is anything pornographic.

Can you recommend locations and places?

100% can! You just tell me your idea, and we will make it happen!